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Slow vs Fast: the secret marketing weapon for sustainable companies

A lot of companies have worked extremely hard to develop or produce alternative, green, fair or sustainable products and services. We know that More and more consumers are searching for Green and Sustainable alternatives to conventional product offerings. Diverse studies suggest that nearly 90% of all consumers in developing countries are keen to buy ethical and fair products and services.

While these are great news, there seems to be a Blind spot:
many customers choose conventional flawed products over green, ethical, sustainable new products or services that are clearly better in many ways.
Why is selling „Do Good“ Green and Sustainable products and services so difficult and why do consumers often prefer the bad/unhealthy vs the good/healthy version ?

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5 signs that your e-commerce sucks

There is a common myth about E-commerce: ”Build it and they will come” Nowadays every brand owner understands that e-commerce can be a great and profitable way to sell their products directly to the end consumer. It seems attractive; no middlemen, no distribution...

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The best Free Tools for Startups

As busy growth experts and brand strategists our customers often ask us about the Tools we use to get it all done. So we decided to let you peek into our Toolbox and wrote a simple Ebook with ALL the Tools. But even better we mainly concentrated on the best Tools available for you for FR

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Video 1: Grow a Green brand in a crowded market

Welcome to our first video
During the last months, we got a lot of feedback from our Blog readers and via our Podcast.
Many of you have asked: How exactly are you working with Green, Ethical or Sustainable Brands to grow their business? What is your secret sauce and which tools you use on a daily base.

This is the reason we have decided to publish a small video course on how to grow your green business in a crowded market. We plan to add several small sized videos during the next weeks. Please leave your comments or questions below.

We also plan to add a free course for all our subscribers. This course will not be visible on this blog, so we suggest to subscribe to our weekly newsletter where we present the best Tips and Tricks on how to grow a sustainable brand.

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How to double your hourly wage !

  How can you increase your productivity and your sales? As a founder or entrepreneur, you are familiar with this situation: your calendar is fully booked, you are busy with tasks, meetings, and phone calls.Nevertheless there is this strange feeling creeping in...

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