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Greenblut FM Episode 12: Andrea Kolb / Abury

How to develop a relevant Luxury Fair Trade Brand. In Episode 6 of the Greenblut FM Podcast we speak to the founder of Abury Andrea Kolb. Abury is more than an innovative fashionable luxury accessoiries brand. Andrea managed to develop an outstanding modern business concept.
Andrea Kolb

Abury is a modern, integrative next generation, open source platform which brings together skilled artisans of traditional cultures with splendid designers to create a new exciting style. The ethos of Abury is to support cultural exchange and saving traditional artistic craftwork heritage. Abury accessoiries are sold directly online, in Abury´s flagship store in Berlin and by retail.

in this episode we talk about:

  • how the idea for this innovative business concept was born
  • About Abury
  • creating the first collection
  • traditional skills in Morrocco
  • challenges to face in intercultural cooperations
  • Andreas  background
  • Learning by doing
  • How to develop products
  • Creating a unique business model
  • Empowering moroccan handicraft
  • Learnings from the Flagshipstore
  • How to compete with giant luxury brands
  • Viral marketing & storytelling
  • design competition with Harpers Bazaar
  • Crowdfunding
  • Personal advice for Start Up Brands
  • Cooperation with friends & partners

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