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Greenblut FM Episode 16: Ben Itter / Lebenskleidung

How to solve a big problem for Ethical Fashion Brands. In Episode 16 of the Greenblut FM Podcast we speak with Benjamin Itter who is one of the founders of Berlin based company Lebenskleidung. Lebenskleidung is an unique company that solves a big problem for fashion startups and young ethical fashion designers and brands.
Ben Itter

Lebenskleidung is running an online fabric store where you can get amazing organic certified fabrics directly online by the meter or by the yard. No matter where you are, they ship to to you worldwide.


in this episode we talk about:

  • a sustainable textile agency
  • enabling young designers to start their ethical fashion brand
  • the problem of minimum fabric orders for sustainable fabrics
  • why staggered prices are a win win model
  • studying German in India
  • cotton farmers killing themselves
  • the green revolution in India
  • The Seeds of Suicide
  • Ayurvastra concept
  • The problem with GM cotton
  • Development in India
  • Knowledge and choice in Ethical Fashion
  • Different shades of Green
  • Working with the customers needs
  • B2B and Endconsumer choices
  • Shipping Globally
  • How to succeed in the global fashion world
  • Focus on your strength and be realistic
  • Work on your brand not in your brand
  • stay open and Pivot
  • 10 samples for Free (vouchercode: mytensamples)

Links mentioned in this Episode:


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