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Greenblut FM Episode 7: Marthe Hentschel

Common works: Enabling Ethical Clothing Designers. In Episode 7 of the Greenblut FM Podcast, we speak to Marthe Hentschel, Co-Founder of Common Works a unique sustainable production agency for the garment industry located in Berlin.
Marthe Hentschel

Common works have its own sample room and is specialized giving strategic advice on brand conception and product design, management of product development.The Common Works team consists of garment technicians, patternmakers, #fashion designers, bespoke tailors and product and production managers.

in this episode we talk about:

  • how three single Moms started the most popular production agency in Berlin
  • developing eco friendly clothing
  • the story of the Common Works
  • advantages of outsourcing and concentrating on what you love best
  • the kind of clients profits most of collaborating with Common Works
  • outsourcing versus hiring a product manager
  • how to built a transparent supply chain
  • take your customers on a voyage behind the crafters of your brand
  • cooperation with big brand as Mercedes and Expo Milano
  • how is it possible to develop a small, sophisticated high fashion collection?
  • cooperation with certified suppliers
  • the work-flow
  • a case for recycled materials
  • a typical client profile
  • the problems upcoming brands have to deal with
  • education of design schools
  • what start up brands need to learn
  • the speed of growing your brand
  • challenge your competition
  • can you skip sustainability in the future anymore
  • fashion technology + sustainability + design:  a new trend!
  • wonderful innovative garments as a new chance
  • Bauhaus tradition and fashion
  • the advantage of Berlin as a European production hub
  • development of
  • work-shops

Links and resources mentioned in this Episode:

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