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Greenblut FM Episode 13: Eike Wenzel / ITZ

How to use Trend Research for Marketingstrategy (German Podcast Episode). Dr. Eike Wenzel is the founder and Director of the Institute for trend and future research, and editor of “Megatrends” – monthly letters! He is regarded as one of the most prestigious German trend and future researchers and has according to ‘Mirror’ and ‘Wikipedia’ first German researchers engaged in the ‘LOHAS’ (lifestyle of health and sustainability).
Eike Wenzel

Dr. Eike Wenzel is a columnist of the “Wirtschaftswoche” and perceives lectureships at German and international universities. With ‘Greenomics’ and ‘LOHAS’, he has presented bestsellers to the environmental change in business and society.

Please notice that This Episode is recorded in German

  • A doctoral thesis to the TV crime series “Tatort”
  • John Naisbitt, the “Daddy” of all future researchers
  • Megatrends and their significance for companies
  • Different kinds of trends are there and how long they last?
  • How scientifically trends differ from fashion trends
  • The Trend Pyramid
  • Everyday life of a trend researcher
  • The fear of novelty
  • Why it is so important to determine the identity of the company
  • Neo urbanization meets Countertrend “Landlust”
  • Freelancer & Digital nomads
  • powerlessness and loss of control
  • ⅔ of all mega-trends are sustainability trends
  • the urgent need to decouple economic growth from natural consumption
  • What happened to the LOHAS?
  • The importance of “Slow” for our future
  • Megatrends as early warning system

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