This is the second video out of our new training series on how to grow  eco friendly  clothing in a crowded market.

After Video 1 where we explained the need for a well-crafted Business Model, we introduce a simple 1-page Business plan or Business canvas. We know that it is sometimes difficult for creators to step out of their own shoes and take an outside perspective of their company. We strongly encourage you to learn and practice this skill. You should always remind yourself that the actual decision to buy your product or service is taken by someone else. (The customer)


You won`t succeed if you miss the ability to create real value for your customer.

If you like to get more information about this concept we suggest to head over to Alexander Osterwalders Website. In this video we have used a tool called Business Model Fiddle  

Instead of Alexander Osterwalder Business Model Canvas, we used a slightly different Canvas called Lean Canvas.

The Lean Canvas was made popular by Ash Maurya who explains here why he changed the terminology of the unique Canvas. Finally it doesn’t matter which canvas you use, our major goal for this second video is that you actually start to play around and develop the first draft of your Business Canvas.

Of course you can use this kind of canvas for every Business Model, not just for sustainable or Ethical Brands. But stay tuned until we present our next videos, where we add a unique twist for the development of  eco friendly clothing or fair trade clothing brand

If you are running a Green Lifestyle Brand, head over to our Free Stages Test where we find about the current stage of your Business and the key tasks you need to master now

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