Why you must understand your green business lifecycle stage

“Almost every failed company has a product. What failed companies don`t have are enough customers.”

This was the title of a post we recently sent to our social media channels. The response was huge.

We received several responses from entrepreneurs asking us how they should handle the overwhelming workload that comes with creating great products while simultaneously finding ways to grow and acquire customers. Trying harder and work more is not leading to success. First you must understand where your green company or service is standing.

At each new stage of development, an organization is faced with a unique set of challenges. How well or poorly these challenges are addressed has a significant impact on the success or failure of the organization.Leading an organization through lifecycle transitions is not easy, or obvious. The same methods that produce success in one stage can create failure in the next. Our purpose is to show you how to accelerate, finding and implementing the right solutions with a minimum of stress. If we can predict the problems ahead we will not be surprised and are able to deal with them promptly instead of rushing into an unexpected crisis. Most Problems appear in predictable patterns and have common causes.

What stage is your company at?

If you like to know more about the current stage just fill out the test we have added to this article

By answering some simple questions and we will understand the major obstacles your company might face at the current moment.send you a mail with an analysis and some hints on which tasks you might concentrate next

After analysing your responses we will send you an in depth  mail with an analysis and some hints on which tasks you might concentrate next. We already have taken more than 200 tests and the results and feedback is very positive.

Have fun and please respond what you liked or disliked about the test.

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