Want to grow your green business in 2020? Here are 5 smart marketing ideas and some great tools that might help:

1.Use Storytelling techniques

Telling your story about how you became a green business and how you stay green is the most powerful tool you have for drawing in your customers. Explain how you are continually working to be more environmentally-friendly by writing blog posts that talk about where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going.

How to do it: Try to tell your story via Podcast. Use a simple tool like anchor, record your ideas or interwiew guest that are relevant…. upload and share ….voila

2.A Picture Brings a Thousand Likes

Lots of social media is shared through photos, so make sure to use compelling photographs that show your story in action. Better yet, show not only how your company is green, but also how you and your employees care about the environment in daily life activities or company-sponsored service to the community.

How to do it: Use your mobile phone and upload pictures to Canva. Add some styling and Text and integrate into the content

3.Let Personalities Shine

While customers will be impressed with a good product or service, they will become more fiercely loyal if they feel connected to the personalities behind the product. Do you have some amazing people? Let your customers get to know your employees and feel like they are friends by posting pictures and stories about and by them.

How to do it: Ask your staff to create videos during the regular working hours. Let them experiment and

4.Storytelling with Video

Making videos is an easy way to get a lot of attention. Invite employees to make YouTube videos using your product or service. Remember, the zanier, the better. Or you can even hold a contest for customers to make and post videos about your product. Make a trip to your headquarters the prize. Film their visit and post that online to give your customers the feeling they’ve met you.

How to do it: Try our secret…. the video maker from Lumen 5. This AI powered plattform is easy to use and helps you to create videos in minutes. The video below was done within 10 minutes using Lumen5


5.Get Customers to Promote Your Brand

You can get that sort of boost to your business by creating content on your web page that is easy to share on Pinterest, Facebook or other social media sites. Add icons that let customer’s share. You might even add incentives for shares that result in sales, like a free product or a discount.

The Bottom Line

The old techniques of advertising and cold calling don’t work as well as they did in the past. In 2020 customers search online for products and services and become loyal to companies they believe promote values they can trust. You can make that happen by using storytelling techniques with shareable bites of words, pictures, and video. Make your website ready for inbound marketing by telling your story in shareable bites through blogs, pictures, and video.