Greenblut FM Podcast

Greenblut FM Podcast

we talk to  Entrepreneurs and Business leaders who have pioneered in the field of Social and Sustainable Business. We like to inspire and guide our listeners to learn from change makers, entrepreneurs and activists on how to make capitalism more human and how to see problems as opportunities  for change

Eike Wenzel/ITZ: how to use Trend Research for Marketingstrategy(German Podcast Episode)

Dr. Eike Wenzel is the founder and Director of the Institute for trend and future research, and editor of the series of "Mega-trends" – monthly letters! He is regarded as one of the most prestigious German trend and future researchers and has according to 'Mirror' and 'Wikipedia' as first German researchers engaged in the 'LOHAS' (lifestyle of health and sustainability). Dr. Eike Wenzel is a columnist of the "Wirtschaftswoche" and perceives lectureships at German and international universities. With 'Greenomics' and 'LOHAS', he has presented bestsellers to the environmental change in business and society.

Komodo: how a backpacker created an Eco Brand

Mark Bloom started his Eco Clothing Brand Komodo as a tool that should offer him the possibilty to travel to places like Bali and Kathmandu and live an independent lifestyle. This seemed to be the right decision because Komodo is around for a long time and grew into a solid fashion brand and is now well known as one of the pioneers of Ethical Fashion.

Common Works: enabling Ethical Clothing designers

In Episode 7 of the Greenblut FM Podcast we speak to Marthe Hentschel, Co-Founder of a unique sustainable production agency for the garment industry with its own sample room situated in Berlin.Common Works gives strategic advice on brand conception and product design, management of product development (DOB,HAKA,KIKO) and garment production.