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Our Services were developed for Sustainable Green Brands and Companies.

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What if there was a better way to grow your Ethical Fashion Brand?

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We help you to attract more visitors, generate leads and customers with Smart Digital Marketing

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The Services We Provide For Our Customers

Green Digital Marketing

Your business has unique marketing goals and needs. Let’s work together to create an individualized approach to help you grow leads and revenue in an ethical way.

Web & E-Commerce Development

A better approach to build or redesign your corporate website or e-Commerce store. Understand how to focus on the areas of your website that actually drive results — more visits, leads, and customers?

Strategic Growth Development

Did you know that, often, only 20% of your activities are responsible for 80% of the results you achieve? We use Growth Hacking and agile methods to find the right levers for growth

What our customers are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Greenblut have a very rare mix of strategic skills & process implementation skills, with a long experience in fashion retail for SMEs, luxury brands & ethical brands that makes them very effective & a pleasure to work with for management and inspiring for my team. I recommend Greenblut very highly.

Safia Minney

MBE Founder & CEO, People Tree Fair Trade Group

Greenblut are giving to us not just a consultancy support, but a real point of view regarding the “green” market, new social media and how to ethically interact with our customers.

Luca Sburlati

Founder + CEO, N2R

Greenblut doesn’t just help us grow sales through great customer-facing tools, it helps us continually improve by measuring what is and isn’t driving actual revenue

Dietrich Weigel

CEO, Goodsociety GmbH

Some of our Customers


From our Blog

Why you must understand your green business lifecycle stage

Why you must understand your green business lifecycle stage "Almost every failed company has a product. What failed companies don`t have are enough customers." This was the title of a post we recently sent to our social media channels. The response was huge. We...

5 Key Trends that will drive your marketing success

We will discuss the 5 Key Trends that define your Marketing Success. They are 1:Agile marketing 2:The Power of story 3:refine your business model 4:integrate sales and marketing 5:Inbound Marketing

Eike Wenzel/ITZ: how to use Trend Research for Marketingstrategy(German Podcast Episode)

Dr. Eike Wenzel is the founder and Director of the Institute for trend and future research, and editor of the series of "Mega-trends" – monthly letters! He is regarded as one of the most prestigious German trend and future researchers and has according to 'Mirror' and 'Wikipedia' as first German researchers engaged in the 'LOHAS' (lifestyle of health and sustainability). Dr. Eike Wenzel is a columnist of the "Wirtschaftswoche" and perceives lectureships at German and international universities. With 'Greenomics' and 'LOHAS', he has presented bestsellers to the environmental change in business and society.

Grow Your Green Brand with SMART Marketing

Get SMART about your Marketing Goals with Green Inbound Marketing One of the discussions we often have with Brand Managers of Green Clothing -, Fair Trade-  or other sustainable companies, is about what comes next in marketing and how social media could help their...

Slow vs Fast: the secret marketing weapon for sustainable companies

A lot of companies have worked extremely hard to develop or produce alternative, green, fair or sustainable products and services. We know that More and more consumers are searching for Green and Sustainable alternatives to conventional product offerings. Diverse studies suggest that nearly 90% of all consumers in developing countries are keen to buy ethical and fair products and services.

While these are great news, there seems to be a Blind spot:
many customers choose conventional flawed products over green, ethical, sustainable new products or services that are clearly better in many ways.
Why is selling „Do Good“ Green and Sustainable products and services so difficult and why do consumers often prefer the bad/unhealthy vs the good/healthy version ?