There is a common myth about E-commerce:

”Build it and they will come

Nowadays every brand owner understands that e-commerce can be a great and profitable way to sell their products directly to the end consumer. It seems attractive; no middlemen, no distribution network and better margins. Many entrepreneurs still have the idea in the back of their head that opening that brand web store will automatically generate traffic and turnover. Unfortunately, it`s not that easy. Working with many brands and founders, we located these 5 problems that might suggest that your e-commerce sucks and you should try Growth Driven e-commerce.

  1.  It`s not about you

This is the number one issue. As much as you’d like to share your story and experiences,  your prospects and customers are not interested in you. They want to know “What’s in it for me?” If you cannot answer this question, then you have a major problem. Problem: Read through the text on your site. How often do you use words like ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’?Always remember: it`s not about you, it’s about the customer. Solution: Change the verbiage and replace all ‘me’ and ‘mine’ with ‘you’ and ‘yours’. Just image yourself to be the customer and work on your business model. Check out these videos about how to develop a business model: Video 1 + Video 2

  1. Your visitors don’t stay

If you just started your brand, chances are that you are only able to offer a small number of articles. There is a huge risk that this gets boring fast and customers don’t have a good reason to return to your site. You notice that customers don’t spend much time on your site. Problem: Check out  your analytics. There are 2 numbers that you should check.

  1. Bounce rate – If your bounce rate is higher than 35% you should spice up your homepage and add a clear ‘Call to Action’ to keep your visitors engaged.
  2. Average Session duration – if your average session duration is under 2 minutes, you should think about content to make your site more attractive for your visitors.

Solution: Add a blog with amazing content that tells the backstory of your products in an entertaining way. Take a look at how Zady adds great stories in the features section of the website. They also work with guest bloggers and promote stories via Medium to attract traffic to their Shop. Think about what your prospects would love to know. See No 1.

  1. Your brand-new Shop is not working as expected

E-Commerce trends are changing fast and sometimes it feels like your brand-new redesigned shop is already outdated or not working as expected. Our traditional approach to website design has a great deal of systemic risk and wasted opportunity. This is the reason that many stores switch to a new way of web design + development that concentrates on continuous development.  The real game is about understanding your customers’ needs and wants. Problem: You worked for months on your new store and didn’t quite understand the technical slang of your developer. Now your shop is online and the results are not as expected. Solution: Check out the Growth Driven Development system. If you have never heard about this new agile model of e-commerce growth, then head over to our Free resources page where we offer a Free E-book on Growth Driven Design. Find a short description on our website here.

  1. You don’t realize your customers’ value

Imagine you spend 100 € in adwords + marketing to attract one customer who buys one product for 80 €. It looks like a bad decision to invest when you are losing money. But what happens when this customer returns to your shop ten times and buys  80 € worth every time. Now the equation has changed. You invested  100 € for a total turnover of 800 €. Remind yourself that keeping a customer should be your highest priority. It is much more economical to sell to an existing customer than to generate a new customer. Problem: You feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possible things to do. Google AdWords, Facebook, all the different social media channels are just overwhelming. That’s why you decided to do a little bit of each and just muddle through. Solution: Discover the real value of each customer. If you don`t know how to do this, subscribe for one of our Free marketing reviews here. Sit down with a piece of paper and think about how you could delight your existing customers. Small things matter. Write down at least 20 different ideas and rate them, together with your team. What are the actions that make your brand memorable to your customers? Is it a 3,000 word email or a small bag of sweets that you add to their order?

  1. Your site is too slow

Startups often spend a lot of time and effort to get the best possible design and then forget to invest in speed. Slow websites that don’t perform well are a major obstacle that will cause your customers to not stay on your site. You should make sure that you find a host who offers fast speed. Problem: When your site takes a long time to load you should make sure that you find a host who offers fast speed with a dedicated server or work with a so-called hosted solution such as Shopify. Solution: Check out the Google Page Speed Insights and follow the results of the site analysis.  


Growth Driven Design vs Traditional Web Design

Why Growth Driven Design is better

If some of these 5 signs sound familiar, you should go deeper and have a look at the Growth Driven e-commerce System. Have a look on the picture and compare the traditional way to design and build websites and e-commerce shops vs the Growth Driven Website Development method. Check the 3 Growth Driven Design rules to design + run more sucessful websitesMinimize RiskWe work to avoid the risks of traditional web design by taking a systematic approach to shorten the time to launch, focusing on real impact and continuous learning and improvement.

Minimize Risk

We work to avoid the risks of traditional web design by taking a systematic approach to shorten the time to launch, focusing on real impact and continuous learning and improvement.

Learn and Improve

We are constantly researching, testing and learning about our visitors to inform on-going website improvements. Through continuous improvements we can reach peak performance

Marketing + Sales.

Growth-Driven Design is tightly integrated with marketing & sales. What we learn about visitors helps inform and improve marketing & sales strategies and tactics (and vice versa).

If you like to know more about Growth Driven Design we suggest to click on the picture below and download our Free Ebook on the Growth Driven Design Method. If you like to know more about a better way to run your website, please feel free to suscribe to our newsletter.

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