Growth Driven Design

we help make your website the centerpiece of all your marketing activities and your “best salesperson”

The conventional web design model is not working anymore. Whether you own a webshop or a business website, it leaves you extremely vulnerable to a number of risks and often does not produce optimal results.

How we work with our clients

Connection Call

Before we start to work together, we need to know each other. We want to find out if there is a fit and if we are able to help you and your company.

Strategic Plan

Without a well-crafted strategy, our work will not lead to success. Relying on our experience, we will construct a plan, offer insights, and present ideas on how we can best solve the unique issues and tasks your brand faces.

Action Plan

When we do our second discovery call, we will further address the goals and challenges identified in the first conversation.From this questionnaire, we will create your custom Design blueprint

Custom Blueprint

The Growth Driven Design Blueprint is intended to provide you with a written plan the describes the precise steps you should take in order to move to the next level

Your Website is your biggest marketing asset

and is the centerpiece of all your marketing activities.  It is often the first place people go when looking for more information on your products or services. That`s why we concentrate on developing growth driven e-commerce. Additionally, your website is also your “best salesperson”. It’s been said that a prospect has already moved through 70% of the sales process before even reaching out to your sales team. Where are they finding the information before talking to someone? – Your website.

As critically important as our websites are, the way we approach building and improving our websites is fundamentally broken.
is the new gold standard for delivering results and bringing measurable business value through web design. It is a smarter, agile and data-driven approach that minimizes the pitfalls of traditional web design and produces high-performing websites.

We need to find a superior process that avoids all of the risks we outlined in the traditional web design process and produces a peak performing website; A web design process that is quick, agile and produces better results and ROI.

Minimize Risk

We work to avoid the risks of traditional web design by taking a systematic approach to shorten the time to launch, focusing on real impact and continuous learning and improvement.

Learn and Improve

We are constantly researching, testing and learning about our visitors to inform on-going website improvements. Through continuous improvements we can reach peak performance.

Marketing + Sales

Growth-Driven Design is tightly integrated with marketing & sales. What we learn about visitors helps inform and improve marketing & sales strategies and tactics (and vice versa).




What are the performance goals that we are trying to achieve with our website? How have we historically performed, where would we like to improve and how will this impact the overall marketing department’s goal?


Next you will develop detailed persona profiles for the different types of groups visiting the site.

Website & Analytics Audit

It’s time to start digging into the data. Perform a quantitative audit of how the existing website is performing, reviewing what is, and is not, performing well, where users are dropping out , etc.
Iphone Screenshot analytics view

Your Wishlist

Gather Information

The next stage in the Growth-Driven Design process is developing your wishlist. Taking what you’ve learned in your strategy planning, gather your team together and brainstorm every impactful, creative and innovative idea that you’d like to include on the site.

What should be on your Site

Think about what items should be on the list to achieve your goals in an ideal world if money, time and development skill were not an issue.


Your wishlist will be used both to determine the initial action items to implement on the new site, but is also an agile and flexible list that you will continuously be adding to (and subtracting from) as you are re-prioritizing actions items over time.

Growth Diven Design

Launchpad Website

In the traditional web design process we think of the launching of the website as the  finish. In Growth Driven Design it is the complete opposite.

Launch Fast

The Launch Pad website should be launched quickly and will not be perfect. We want to avoid getting stuck on analysis, features or content while building our launch pad website. It will likely be a big improvement to your current website and give a starting point from which you can continuously improve.

80/20 Action Items

Prioritizing the wishlist items to determine which action items are the first ones to implement on your new launch pad website. Identify the 20 percent of items that will produce 80 percent of the impact and value


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