Greenblut FM ep1: how Safia Minney build Fair Trade Brand People Tree

Safia is Founder CEO and of People Tree. The story of People Tree had started in 1991 long before anyone was talking about ethical or sustainable . Safia started People Tree in Japan without experience in a foreign country.

At Greenblut, we have worked together with People Tree during the last year and what struck us most about Safia, is her passion for fostering change for the countless producer groups located in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. If there is a difficult decision Safia is always on the side of her producer groups. She visits these groups several times a year and works on ways to optimize their internal structure as well as the products they create for People Tree.

In this way, Safia is a great inspiration on how to rethink what`s possible in fashion today and how to put people and environment before profit.

In this Episode we talk about:

  • Meeting Prince Charles
  • Founding People Tree in Japan
  • How Safia went from Marketing and Publishing to starting a Fashion Brand
  • What were the first move to start a brand
  • Innovations in Fibers and Fabrics
  • Why People Tree produces in Bangladesh and not in Europe
  • Fair Trade vs. Charity
  • How People Tree empowers producers, farmers, artisans and tailors
  • Barriers of Trade
  • Why handmade products are crucial for People Tree
  • master craft makers at work
  • Why Fair Trade and Sustainable Fashion needs government support
  • How to develop Collaborations
  • After Rana Plaza …The problem with major players
  • People want change
  • Creating an empowering environment for Fair Trade Fashion
  • The problem with Better Cotton
  • Beware of Greenwashing
  • Safias productivity tips
  • People Trees environmental policy
  • Make your shopping count
  • Failures and successes

Show notes Links, and Resources mentioned in this Episode:

People Tree

People Tree Chocolate Japan

People Tree Japan

Producer Groups People Tree

People Tree Designer Collaborations

People Tree Emma Watson Collaboration


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