Green Business Growth Strategy Process

A strategy process is the starting point with most of our clients Green Business Growth projects.
We start by taking an empathic view of our client`s audience and turn it into a strategy and gameplan.
These steps are valid for all kinds of business but have a look at the green business growth section, where
we describe unique hints for green and conscious companies.

It all starts with our customer`s goals.

Together we define Focus Areas and write out the engagement vision.
A key in defining goals is that we set SMART Goals

(S)pecific -short,concise and specific as possible

(M)easurable – define clear measurable metrics

(A)ttainable – your goals should be realistic

(R)elevant – Think about the goal you are setting

(T)ime bound – implement a clear timeline

Have a look at this post on goal setting 

Green Business Growth: 

Establish a higher purpose for the brand beyond the tangible benefit or product offering.

 Understand Today

We cannot plan for tomorrow without understanding where we are today.
That`s why we look at the trends from the last years and months.
We gather extensive insights into the current status of your business.
What are key difficulties and bottlenecks?
With a solid understanding of the Status Quo,we are able to enter next phase
green business growth status quo

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Develop unique customer Personas

Personas are semi-fictional generalized descriptions of your ideal customer types. They help us to understand the likes and problems of our consumer groups and relate to them as real humans.Next to demographics, personas include your customer`s problems, their emotions, common objections, informational wants, quotes, identifiers and exclusionary criteria.
Green Business Growth: Be mindful: Be aware of every touch point stakeholders have with your brand. From your Web hosting facility to your ad agency to your customer service department, all aspects of your brand should align with your values.

Create and explore the User Journey

The User or Buyers journey describes the active research process a potential buyer goes through leading up to a purchase.
Each journey starts with Awareness:. Your buyer has realized and expressed symptoms of a potential problem.
Next stage is called Consideration: Buyers actively searching for solutions (products, services) now. The Decision stage is the final part of the journey: Customers have defined their solution,product and are ready to make a final decision. Have a look at this graphic form our partner Hubspot
The Decision stage is the final part of the journey: Customers have defined their solution,product and are ready to make a final decision. Have a look at this graphic from our partner Hubspot and see the different needs and behaviors at each stage.
green business growth customer journey
Green Business Growth: Be authentic: The rise of social media has forced the need for authenticity,this is especially essential in conscious marketing. All communications with customers, partners and employees should be 100 percent honest and transparent.

Create the Wishlist

Now we start to collect ideas we would like to implement or integrate on our new project or website. First, we collect a big number of ideas. Then we go into detail and rank these ideas using the 80/20 method. We ask ourselves 20% of ideas would generate 80% of the growth potential for our brand or product. Our goal is to develop a flexible and efficient process, that ensures we`re working on the most important items at the right times

Have another look at this graphic from HubSpot.
green business growth 80/20 wishlist

Now we are well prepared and ready to switch to the next steps and create results for your green brand or service
Green Business Growth: Bigger than the bottom line: Conscious marketing begins with a business moving from a sole focus on corporate profits to a belief that an organization can achieve something larger than making money.
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