Greenblut Ethical Fashion Journal August 2016

by | Aug 28, 2016

Welcome to the first Ethical Fashion Journal from August 2016. Every month we will collect and report trends, news, rumors and the best about Ethical Fashion around the Web. If you want to besure not to  miss a post, just subscribe to out Blog. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter where we share the latest Growth Hacking tips for Green and Ethical Brands. But now lets head over to the first monthly roundup.

The Good Trade:

This month we start with some great content from The Good Trade. We love their website which includes well-curated guides dedicated to brands and products that work for the Social Good.Their site includes sections about Fashion, Beauty, Gifts, Home, Food and Local. There are also founder interviews with Social Entrepreneurs like Paola Masperi from Mayamiko. Also have a look at this article with a short overview of 35 big and small Ethical Fashion Brands.

35 Fair Trade & Ethical Clothing Brands Betting Against Fast Fashion  read more at

Future Learn:

This Free Course by Futurelearn gives a great opportunity to understand and learn how to build a sustainable fashion business. The course material is well done and gives a good overview for newbies. The problem with this kind of course, is the impression that building an Ethical Fashion Brand can be learned in 5 weeks. The most successful brands we work with have worked inside the industry for 5-10 years before they started their own business.

How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business – Creative Skillset  read more at

BOF Businessoffashion: 

This is why we added this article from The article makes the case for getting work experience at an established company before you start your own brand. Businessoffashion or BOF is the leading online fashion magazin and we see it as an required reading for everyone working in the field of Ethical Fashion.

Why You Shouldn’t Launch a Label Straight Out of School | Careers | BoF Via

Fashion designers, investors, headhunters, editors and analysts make the case for getting work experience at an established brand before launching your own.


The last post we would like to mention is an interesting Blogpost from Lilly Bozzone for Verlimag. The author explores a common issue that is frequently discussed with consumers:

  • Can I afford Ethical Fashion even when I am on a budget
  • Can Ethical Fashion be trendy

While these questions seem a bit dated, we like the consumer position of the author. She mentions, “that she is so accustomed to 10$-15$ price tags from conventional fast fashion brands and that she lost any understanding of quality


Finally we suggest this new Video from TEDx Sydney which gives a nice overview and discusses some of the key questions about Ethical Fashion.


See you next month, be well

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