Rachel Faller: How to develop a Zero Waste Brand in Cambodia.

In this episode, we speak with Rachel Faller. Rachel is the founder and creative director of Tonlé.

Tonlé is a fair trade zero waste fashion label based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In 2008, Rachel moved to Cambodia with one suitcase and a Fulbright Grant to research sustainability through fair trade.Her research introduced her to some incredible women and artisans, and she started the ethical fashion label KeoK’jay, which she later rebranded into Tonlé.

In this episode, we explore how Rachel was able to start a brand in the highly competitive world of fashion with a small funding.
We will listen to Rachels story and how she was able to start her brand with a tiny budget of 500$ per month.

We know that there are a lot of listeners thinking about starting their own sustainable business. Rachel is a perfect role model to learn from and get inspired.

In this Episode we talk about:

  • Starting with a Fulbright grant to study Fair Trade in Cambodia
  • Train women to run their small accessories business
  • Testing products in a store in Cambodia
  • See what’s working
  • Tonlés sales channels
  • Producing for other brands
  • Bootstrapping a fashion brand with 500$ monthly budget
  • Living with staff members
  • The value of stong relationships
  • Why Tonle chooses to avoid all waste
  • How to scale an upcycling brand
  • Develop a closed loop process.
  • Best practice for Kickstarter campaigns
  • Suggestions for young founders
  • Fun work vs. hard work

Show notes Links and Resources mentioned in this Episode:

Tonlé  Website

Tonlé  Kickstarter Campaign

Tonlé Zero waste 

Tonlé Team


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