In Episode 6 of the Greenblut FM Podcast, we speak to Dr. Kirsten Brodde.

Kirsten currently works as Senior Campaigner for International on the famous campaign. She studied Medicine, German Literature and Linguistics and received her Ph.D. in Journalism from Hamburg University.
Sometimes it is hard to believe that it is possible to change things and succeed in putting pressure on giant conventional Brands.
Since 2011, the Detox campaign has challenged some of the world’s most famous clothing brands to eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals.
Thanks to the action of over half a million designers, bloggers, fashion fans and activists twenty global fashion leaders, from Adidas to Zara, have made a commitment to Detox their clothes.

In this Episode, we talk about

  • How Kirsten was introduced to Green Fashion
  • Fashion is a dirty business/the dirty side of fashion
  • Why we are all Fashion victims
  • Kirsten’s search for alternative clothing
  • From activist to fashion expert
  • Moving to other dirty industries
  • All the new ways for alternative clothing
  • From Niche to Mainstream
  • Conventional Retailers double sided pressure
  • How a bunch of hippies overtook professional Fashion players
  • Description of Greenpeace Detox campaign
  • How we legalized pollution
  • Developing an effective process to eliminate hazardous products
  • How to put pressure on the Fashion industry
  • How Greenpeace is using guerrilla marketing and PR to get attention for a good cause
  • How Greenpeace is hijacking the fashion industry and using conflict and pressure
  • Pushing the big bad brands
  • The surprising difference between fast fashion and designer brands
  • What Armani and Primark have in common
  • Why uploading a commitment is more powerful than a signature from a CEO
  • Detox Timeline until 2012
  • Toxic Kids Clothing
  • Options and chances for small Eco Fashion Brands
  • Alternatives for young people without constantly buying new clothes
  • Slowing down the Fast Fashion cycle
  • Finding creative ways to tell the story differently
  • Using Pre-consumer waste
  • Tightening governmental laws
  • Closed loop projects
  • finding ways to leave the throwaway culture
  • Moving Detox into other sectors
  • Kirsten biggest success and failures

Show Notes, Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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Greenpeace Detox campaign website

Kirsten’s book „Sauber Sachen“ German

Kirsten’s Blog „Grüne Mode“ German

Kirsten`s TV appearance: Hart aber Fair

Grüne Liste list of Green Concept Stores  in Germany and Europe

The journey towards a toxic free future

Greenblut FM Episode 3 Tonlé

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Nudie Jeans /Repair Service

Exhibition Hamburg Fast Fashion



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