Become an Expert on Eco Friendly Clothing by watching these 5 videos

Perhaps we exaggerate a bit. But if you are interested in Ethical or Green Fashion you should have a look at these five videos.

Video 1: How to produce an organic cotton pair of jeans

Swedish denim brand Nudie jeans showcase their Denim production process.

Video 2: Organic cotton GOTS

GOTS is the short term for Global Organic Textile Standart. Have a look at this explainer video and understand what you can do to buy sustainable clothes.

Video 3: Fair Finance

People Tree Founder Safia Minney explains why many Fair Trade Fashion Brands act as Finance Partners for their producer groups

Video 3: The True Cost

Have you seen the True Cost Movie? Have a look behind the curtain and understand how fast fashion brands hurt consumers and nature.

Video 4: Ethical Fashion Documentary

Look at this short documentary about the story of Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion: a short documentary – YouTube

2nd-year university project to produce a short film campaigning environmental issues in association with Green Week. We chose to focus on the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. This video explores ethical fashion. Via youtube.com