It all started with research project for one of our clients.We had a research at the competitive environment for green denim brands. We had expected many new relevant brands but we found it difficult to locate these brands. The market seemed to be the same than 10 years ago. Ok some brands disappeared, but overall the changes were minor.

To stay on track with relevant brands we decided to create highly subjective simple lists for major areas of the green/sustainable clothing and lifestyle market.

Today we present our first curated Top 10 list of Green, Sustainable and Ethical Denim Brands.

There are many lists about Green or Ethical Brands available like this  or this or this project or  this  .The problem we find with most of these databases is that they are too broad and overwhelming. As a result, they are not relevant for consumers who prefer a balance of choice, quality and availability.

That’s why we started with a Top 10 list where the readers and users can vote for their favorite brands.If you miss a brand you love please write a link in the comments section. If you think that there are better brands, please comment as we might change the list from time to time.